Ready Set Dance

Classes just for 2-5 year olds

Signature Dance Currumbin are so excited to bring the READY, SET…DANCE program to the Gold Coast. These classes are aimed at pre schoolers (age 2 -5) and created by teachers with over 30 years experience in the dance industry using cool music tracks created by the top music producers in the Australian kids television industry.  They are a combo class including jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and most importantly a WHOLE lot of fun!

The classes extend beyond dance to develop teamwork and confidence through a range of activities including balancing bean bags, working with a parachute, singing on a microphone and playing musical instruments.

Level 1 Ready Set Dance 2 – 3 years
Level 2 Ready Set Dance 4 – 5 years
Ready Set Ballet 2 – 5 years


This class is a one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun.  This class is not only an introduction to dance but a place to grow, learn and make friends.

Ready, Set…Dance is more than just a dance class, its creative play as well. They will just love balancing bean bags, working as a team with the parachute, singing on the microphone, putting on a puppet show and playing musical instruments.


A beautiful 30 minute ballet class, filled with princesses, plies and everything pretty. Catch a snowflake, twirl a ribbon, make believe you are a mermaid all while learning the basics of ballet. Enrol in this class in addition to Ready Set Dance or as a separate class only.

Start your ballet journey in a school that caters for all ages! These classes are a stepping stone to our RAD classical classes for school aged children.