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Class Descriptions


 READY SET BALLET is a 30 minute magical ballet experience for preschoolers that they will love from the first warm up to the final bow.

Age 2-5yrs


This class is a fusion of the fundamentals of classical, Jazz and contemporary technique. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions. Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace.


This class is focused on strength, conditioning, flexibility and tumbling for all ages and levels. Students must start in the beginner class so that the teacher can assess student ability. Acrobatics skills complement all dance styles.


READY SET DANCE is a one hour combo class that gives students a taste of jazz, tap, singing, music and hip hop.

Age 2-5yrs

Hip Hop

This class is a commercialized style of dance featured in Video clips. Hip Hop is a funky, electric style of dance that evolved as part of Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop is a brilliant expression of individual style; danced to the latest singles. It is a fun and popular style perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Competition Teams

This is an invitation only class. Students who are enrolled in 2 or more technique classes are welcome to show their interest in this class. Dancers will compete in local & interstate dance competitions representing Signature Dance.


This class incorporates the traditional elements of jazz technique including flexibility, turns, jumps and isolations. Students learn new choreography each term with a variety of guest teachers.

Boys Crew/Break Dance

This class is strictly for boys only. Students will be given the opportunity to learn Break Dance from one of Australia's champion B-Boys, FONGO!

Adult Classes

Adult Classes are casual only. Please email for the latest timetable

Classical RAD Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance is the world’s most accredited classical ballet syllabus. This method focuses on teaching correct posture, technique, musicality, presentation, discipline and artistry. Classical Ballet is therefore the basis of all Dance. This program does offer ballet exams however at the teacher’s discretion. Students must attend a minimum of two ballet classes a week to sit an exam.


This class is focused on commercial cheerleading. Dancers work towards performances at the Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Home Games. Students must be a minimum of 7yrs old to participate in this program with previous dance training.

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