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My daughter has joined Signature Dance this year after many years of competitive gymnastics. Injury caused her change in direction and this was a daunting and anxious time for her. After her first class, she came out with a smile beaming from ear to ear. She trialed several classes and has now enrolled in a few dance classes recommended to suit her style and ability. The teachers have been encouraging, however challenging her to develop new skills in a supportive environment. She continues to leave every class with a beaming smile and can’t wait fur the next one!

-Karen 2021

I wanted to congratulate you and your studio on the amazing culture that you have created.  

Reese transferred to Signature Dance this year. Reese has come home both times after the competition class raving about the studio; i was expecting her to be talking about the dance routine or what friends she has made but i was overwhelmed to hear her talking about your studio culture.  She has also spoken about the friends she has made, how lovely the teachers are and showed her routines. We have been most impressed with the respectful relationships that you discuss as well as how it is a privilege to be included in this team and that the Competition Team can be taken away if the expectations are not met.  

Traditionally dance studios aren’t known for this culture so huge congratulations on building such a supportive environment.

- Cassie

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